Monday, November 14, 2022

Prepare Yourself / It's Going Down Pt.3


On this Monday morning?  I was reminded of the advice received from Mr. Cole up in Louisville about this being a rat race / dog eat dog world.

He and the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville told me "prepare yourself" reality will reach ya, sometimes the drama will unfurl.

Prepare Yourself! it's going down like an amusement park or carnival tilt-a-whirl you're going in circles like the Gap Band! otherwise? bear witness to the Brotha O address as the written and spoken word serenade exposed the charade.

Prepare Yourself its going down!  now some who were doing wrong were shackled by his words, was it a dark omen?

Prepare Yourself its going down! a warning was issued as / breakbeat scientific/ infinite unconventional wisdom is dropped / sprayed!

The message was dropped then a dude dipped; the mothership aka the  Infiniti Q50 he was wheeling, it's not in park waiting in the dark about to blackout  a brotha had a notion!

Prepare Yourself it's going down as plans are put in motion! low key / incognito when coming through listening to Incognito and Masters At Work mention Jacob's Ladder but it didn't matter; haters wouldn't guess the style if we were strangers.

A life well lived? of course its been rough out here and the saga  / struggle continues! up in Kentucky it was enhanced by Jacob's Ladder climbing  sunshine and  Kentucky liquor /  whiskey.

 That's how Kentuckians lived;  that "smoke something drink something strategy"! a ritual among others when out in zones of danger.

 We kept on running even though it got lonely out there! punctual when sliding through the portal you might miss me.

Prepare Yourself? advice well taken soon riding out knowing how the sport will go! now broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Go on with your bad self! advice well taken! now we're good word dropping and beat breaking! it' a big world / universe somebody will understand a brotha

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