Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? ) Part Six

 Check us out as we come through on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; I told some don’t worry about it, of course we’re claiming the terrific outcome!

Especially since this is what I call an Adversity Anniversary, word from an Adversity University graduate still taking advanced courses / classes! of course this thing is messy but it’s a blessing to be here so we’re celebrating! O-Dog Day Partying we’ll pull out the drum!

Now once again it’s on but we know this is not Mamby Pamby Land even though we’re posting this on All Saints Day the day after Halloween; damn! now that dude even broke out of the morgue on some unfinished business; damn! are these haunted dreams?

Resurrection? apparently that was the plan, some of his cohorts even mentioned a stolen election and were ready to start an insurrection; were they worried about the wrong thing? they had elaborate plots and schemes!
They were thinking about a master plan, stealing the line from Eric B and Rakim on Paid In Full; did they possess an infinite reservoir to avoid the fated hour? They said don’t worry about it we’ve got this as the graveyard hourglass was shattered, it kept the score.

Like a scoreboard at the game? like so called polls before the elections check the score it’s all game but it seems some are worried about the wrong thing!

We weren’t bored after we left the scene of the crime; I wasn’t worried about them they should worry about me as we stay strong doing the damn thing!

We have to stay strong up in this damn thing! per Rev. Jamal Bryant? down here in Georgia Herschel Walker the GOP’s so called chosen one had some wicked ways!
Damn! that GOP supposedly represents Christian Nationalism but every sinful shade was exhibited. Like some kind of art show; whatcha know? but they’re worried about the wrong thing now abysmal were the days. Falling hearts plus a cascade of tears? exhibited by the constituents plus irrational fears! that’s what we’ll deal with.

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