Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Johnny M - Trip To The Unknown | 2022 Deep Progressive & Melodic House Set


Check us out as we come through on this so called Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way.

We claimed the Terrific outcome, soon bearing witness to the manifestation; God is in the blessing business per Rev. James Cleveland so what more can I say?

We're pulling out the drum in celebration, we Let The Music Play taking Barry White's advice.

Prepare Yourself as we go on with our bad selves even though we have to admit "it ain't nothing nice" .

But this sound is nice as we come through listening to Johnny M with this  Trip To The Unknown | 2022 Deep Progressive and Melodic House Set

Check out the playlist and the mix as this O-Dog Day Party shifts into a Tuesday evening chill out set!!

 01. Tomas Garcia - The Way Of Life (Extended Mix) [Deep Down Music] 00:00 
02. Ignacio Salgado - Walker (Original Mix) [Droid9 South America] 08:59 
03. VegaZ SL - Helm's Deep (Original Mix) [Movement Recordings] 15:20 
04. CaThY K - Diamonds (Original Mix) [Droid9] 21:41 
05. TEELCO - What It Takes (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] 27:30 
06. Konte - Dark Essence (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection South America] 34:42 07. A.J Roland - The Last Fall (Gonza Sclarovsky Remix) [Superordinate Music] 40:47 
08. Mario Eighta - Homesick (Original Mix) [Modern Architect] 46:52 
09. Empire Of Mind - Valkiria (Original Mix) [Transensations Records] 53:29 
10. Øtrebor - Glazed Memories (Original Mix) [MIR MUSIC] 59:18

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