Monday, November 7, 2022

Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? ) Part Eight

 We’re all up in the spot on this Monday morning; it’s going down / we’re about to put it down like this!

We’re rebuking the Kevin McCarthy GOP type of plot and scheme, manifesting on the scene after the November 8th Mid Term Elections going down in conjunction with the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse?

Wannabe authorities  say don’t worry about that and this but I already mentioned the temperature is rising but it’s cold world; leading to a polar vortex or will the heated color of sin lead to global warming?

Me? a hostile territory resident trying to rebuke the takeover, in need of a makeover? tall dark and gloomy like this sky and it’s storming. They told me I was worried about the wrong thing when I issued a warning but some “didn’t hear me though” it was like talking to the wind. They didn’t respond, or couldn’t comprehend this word on the curb / word in the wind; such tenuous bonds! back in the day old girl said “Everybody Ain’t Able” so I guess we can’t win. 

We’re using the good word and the music to spin it all another way, reality is remixed! there’s not a problem I can’t fix because I can put it in the mix!

This player told some don’t worry about it, God is in control! that’s how I roll, when I’m getting breakbeat scientific!

A so called real player told us we were worried about the wrong thing, it’s all about the cash flow / It's All About The Paper per the Dells! it's like that all out there in the field of desires. An example? actually a prime one of one of the epitomes of pathological liars. Ample lingo! even tried to hit on the daughter of chaos but it was like talking to the wind when he approached her; he’s taking a loss, she ignored him. She knew those gringos would just fake and floss, intolerance is shown to those kind of men.

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