Sunday, December 26, 2021

On To The Next: But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Three)

 We had the workshop open yesterday, on Christmas Day and now it’s open on this Sunday morning. 

We’re putting work in but at the same time reflecting / contemplating due to dealing with these earthlings still hating / “buking and scorning”. 

Still scoring points though like NBA Christmas games in this last week of the year 2021, Lord willing the momentum will carry over into 2022…

…as we move on to the next, dealing with a lot of residue / aftermath from 2021 but we’ll proceed and continue.

Moving on to the next, dealing with the aftermath! I was told you are not alone, per the Michael Jackson song. Doubts? I had them after peeping game like the James Webb Space Telescope noticing danger zone business is vigorous, like the Trump administration the crime family was strong! Like yesterday’s Christmas Day they were merry, even getting busy like elves in a toyshop. It all went sideways, there’s no pity from the street committee plus the January 6 Select Committee is getting busy, even though the madness hasn’t came to a stop.

But we’re moving on to the next; the good word? we’ll drop plus we’ll cosmic slop like Funkadelics .

But we’re also cleaning up the mess from the aftermath like janitors or custodians, throwing away trash and worthless relics.

Some of these earthlings are tripping like they’re on hallucinogens and psychedelics; drugs that is, plus the music to go with it.

Check out how we work things, flipping this breakbeat science as we move on to the next but things are complex as we deal with the aftermath but we’ll come with it.

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