Sunday, December 5, 2021

Answers Were Right In Front Of Me (Part Two)

 I’m trying to visualize the sequence like scientists sequencing the Covid 19 Omicron variant. 

Looking or even waiting for answers? none provided from these devil dancers, y’all should know they won’t be fair with it!

Reality? some truth or dare it, I prefer to chill out or even dream; but in the so called paradise answers eluded me plus I spotted the arch nemesis on the premises, the hellish face. Now the dream is a nightmare, it’s hard to advance I can’t keep pace. ..with those running trying to getaway, check the Earth Wind and Fire reference but the apparatus tried to show me benevolence; the figure said I adore you! They even tried to lock the door we came through! so what it do? the answer is I have no time / no room for chaos and confusion! I told them and those I would just bore you!

They were just the devils advocates? whoa!! intuition kicking in, I can feel it in my bones!

Soon we’re lost at sea / caught out there; damn! is this the wrong answer? some say we should have stayed in comfort zones! They lost me like the GOP vs Democracy with the plots and schemes after they told me to add another layer to our American dreams / visions. Looked at the big picture / the grand scheme of things! it was just tricks and lies, sins of commission not omission!

...the line used by preachers on this Sunday morning as I write this, spotted some answers right in front of us!

Sometimes reality will teach us some harsh lessons when it fronts in us!

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