Sunday, December 12, 2021

Answers Were Right In Front Of Me ( Part Five)

 Like the January 6th Select Committee investigating the Trump insurrection we’re looking for answers. 

Society shows no respect, no pity from the street committee, even on this Sunday morning they’re a bunch of devil dancers. 

...Plus Mr. T said he’ll pity the fool, that didn’t follow the rules of the game, soon caught up in it. 

They’re caught up in the system / matrix, or the school of fake it until you make it? they soaked up game, or the lessons “taught up in it”. 

That’s where they got their answers from that aren’t the ones, realizations made when reality puts them to the test.

Reckless abandon shown as they try to advance, something about highly favored / blessed.

Others are stressed, mentioning, if I rise before the sorrow? it’s like the Jackson Five. Maybe Tomorrow, celebrating a joyous victory? the party is on, all the way live! But they mentioned something about, if I don’t arrive? check out their answers, they’re tripping over their words per the excuses. But they’ll proceed and continue! moving forward never backwards was the answer! still flipping the page per internal / external abuses.

All of this time, the O-Dog mixture mentioned the answers were right in front of them all they had to do was look up!

All this time, the big picture / grand scheme of things could have told them some things; let them know what’s up!

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