Thursday, December 23, 2021

Dj XS London Winter Warmers Mix - Classic Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Rare Groove & Latin Vibes

Digital Crate Digging Continues per what I like to refer to as a Throwback Thursday!

Digital? analog? some are digging this as the saga / struggle continues; at another site I asked will anybody understand a brotha? who’ll work with me?

Excuse the "other other" format but this is how I'm rolling with that!! the sound is dropped along with this good word..

It's the middle of the holiday season as I post this; Christmas and New Years Day or on deck; we're all on the same page, you heard?

Winter Solstice just here along with Capricorn season  plus winds of change blow in as 
seasons / reasons change as we move on to the next! 

The soundtrack is provided by  Dj XS  with the London Winter Warmers Mix: Classic Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Rare Groove & Latin Vibes

The brotha rocks as we rebuke hustle knocks with the sound!! for my tribes?  Classic Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Rare Groove!! check out the playlist and the mix / vibes!

Dj XS - Classic Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Rare Groove & Latin Vibes Mix 2018

1. Jacqui Verdell - We Gonna Have A Good Time 

2. Betty Barney - Momma, Momma (Dj XS Edit) 

3. Ronnie Keaton - Going Down for the Last Time (Dj XS Edit)

4. The Pointer Sisters - How Long (Dj XS Edit)

5. Jewel Bass - I Tried It I Like It (Dj XS Edit)

6. Reuben Bell - Superjock 

7. Ripple - Sure Is Funky (Dj Prince Edit)

8. Bobbi Humphrey - Jasper Country Man (Dj XS Edit) 

9. Rae & Christian - It Ain't Nothing Like (Nextmen Remix)

10. Jurassic 5 - I Am Somebody 

11. Jeru the Demaja - Ya Playin' Yaself (Dj XS Rework) 

12. Wilson Pickett vs Rakim - President Number 9 (Dj XS Rework) 

13. Brother Jack McDuff - Butter For Your Popcorn (Dj XS Edit) 

14. Mark Rae - Soviet Steppe 

15. Dj XS vs The Owl - Party Rockin' 

16. Seal - Crazy (Jay-K Remix)

17. The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Let Love Rule (Dj XS Edit)

18. The Calypso Gigolos - Give Me More (Sibu & Joe Nagall Edit) 

19. Kool & the Gang - Caribbean Festival (Dj XS Edit) 

20. Maceo Parker - Soul Power / Pass The Peas (Dj XS Edit)

21. The O'Jays - For the Love of Money (Dj XS Edit)

22. Marlena Shaw - Liberation Conversation (Dj XS Edit)

23. Johnny Bristol - Lusty Lady (Dj XS Edit)

24. Rafael Cameron - Boogies Gonna Get Ya (Dj XS Edit)

25. Herbie Hancock vs Anderson Paak - Come Down Just Around the Corner (Dj XS Edit)

26. Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite (Todd Terje Edit)

27. La Bionda - I Got Your Number (Alkalino Rework)

28. Lemon - Suzy Q (Dj XS Edit)

29. Kool & the Gang - Open Sesame (Dj XS Edit)

30. Jacques Renault - Cold Blooded

31. Five Special - Why Leave Us Alone (Dj XS Edit)

32. Lakeside - Outrageous (Dj XS Edit)

33. Gwen McCrae - Keep the Fire Burning (Dj XS Edit)

34. Honey Cone - The Truth Will Come Out (Afshin Edit)

35. Phreek - The Weekend (Funkryss Edit)

36. Voyage - Lady America

37. Sharon Ridley - Changin'

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