Thursday, December 9, 2021

Answers Were Right In Front Of Me (Part Four)

 It’s going down on this Thankful Thursday! as I keep telling y’all it’s a blessing to be here!

Thank you Lord!! trying to stay on one accord, but sometimes I try to make things happen!! catch me bumbling and stumbling around out here!

Catch me looking or waiting for answers, but eventually a dude jumped to a conclusion!

Throwback Thursday vibes used to recognize the pattern, realizing the answers were right in front of me; 20 / 20 hindsight I was using!

We’re looking for answers that were right in front of us, blowing in like a hurricane! Now we’re drinking from the cup that’s overflowing! soon we’re spilling the truth per carrying the sword, plus we’re releasing the pain! we’ll shame the devil after telling the truth, plus we’ll gain freedom! Once considered arrogant / aloof / uncouth now thought of as legends? victorious! soon watched / studied like we’re in an aquarium!

Society still not fair with it, answers / proof is provided on the regular!

The science? we’re sharing it but it’s in an atmosphere where scientific principles are opposed, like the GOP vs vaccine mandates as being irregular!

Check out how Dr. Anthony Fauci is opposed when dropping knowledge / answers concerning the coronavirus!

Some will come up with the wrong answers due to misinformation, but it doesn’t surprise us!

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