Thursday, December 2, 2021

Answers Were Right In Front Of Me (Part One)

Throwback Thursday reflections? just another reminder that life is hectic.

Going back and forth like Cameo mentioned, I'm paying attention everybody's looking or waiting for answers as reality disrespected. 

My constituents? thought we were connected, but then when we're trying to put it down opposition is met.

Like I keep telling y’all per the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville? the devil and his advocates are opposed! that’s a bet!

Check out the polarization in the nation due to the fake news!  some might even tell this brotha we don't like you!

I guess they'll have to get in line with the rest of society; physical, mental and spiritual health is a priority! conditions concerning my freedom are not arbitrary we’ll fight you!
as we keep it moving /  striving / surviving! answers provided by spirits of the ancestors that tell us we can be anything in the world.

But as I mentioned opposition is met! other answers provided on local, national, international and intergalactic frontiers the drama unfurled!

The devil attacked with cancer and even Covid 19; I have no time to die! those were the thoughts as I fell off the cliff!
Similar to the financial one per Covid relief with unemployment benefits over along with the rental eviction moratorium? maybe, I see how they’re trying to play me! falling off the glacier, falling icicle over my head to seal the deal? swift! Answers were in front of me, all I had to do was look up and utilize the Lord Help! Lord Help! Battle Cry!

Mysterious ways saving the day? per Throwback Thursday, shadows from the past we’re stalking me / taunting me about my reputation, said it’s all a big lie!

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