Friday, June 18, 2021

The Outback Chronicles (Another Flashback Friday Edition)

 Once again it’s on as we revisit a prior concept; we’re talking about these Outback Chronicles...

...similar to our I-20 Chronicles but in another form or fashion, more in reference to the drama in my backyard; we’re back going hard, this is the response to these and those!

We’re still out off of I-20 in Atlanta in our remote outpost but not trying to brag or boast like the wildlife fighting outside my bedroom window at three in the morning!

It seemed to be a territorial dispute aka a turf war / a wild life  like Israeli, with Benjamin Netanyahu gone they resumed bombing the Gaza Strip supposedly trying to mow the grass or settle the score again!

Outback? wildlife were in pursuit of each other barking / yelping / yelling / screeching; per Flashback Friday it was an epiphany of how we're reaching like Cameo, Back and forth! swinging the scales of justice! Not out of it!! oh yes! it’s a thing! that's why me and my people are doing the damn thing!! that’s why we still fight for justice! Like the critter outback that was trying to get away we’re also trying to manifest freedom, will we soon be blessed? That’s the ulterior motive but due to debatable circumstances sometimes we had to settle for less due to being built or torn down so we’re soon stressed!

Oh!! we're blessed with a new holiday per Juneteenth but we need a new voting rights bill that has teeth!

Will it be the For The People Act? jokers from Joe Manchin to Mitch McConnell don't know how to act!!

Like these animals outback, causing drama at three in the morning in by backyard!!

Check these chronicles, we're back with this special edition!! we're coming back hard!!

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