Monday, June 21, 2021

Sliding Through The Portal: Filling The Void (Part Three)

 We’re still out here, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!  astral traveling per Lonnie Liston Smith?’

We’re still out here sliding through the portal, like the Philadelphia 76ers seeing how the sport will go  per the Atlanta Hawks / seeing what’s up with it?

...or maybe finding out like the Brooklyn Nets what reality begets? actually history repeats it just looks different due to the technology!

Anyway, we’re riding out! sliding through the portal / filling the void! per BDP and KRS-One this is our philosophy!

We're riding out for freedom, now some are big mad like the GOP with their voter suppression!

I see some wouldn’t want to be some; glass feelings were shattered along with the ceiling!

We're dropping this math and these beats; per the ongoing spiritual warfare blunt instruments used in the reckoning?

We're on another path, sliding through the portal / filling the void fulfilling out constituents beckoning!! While some gathered / hunted some are hunted! running for their life, out here frightened! Stunted growth due to the oath like keepers? like the Trump insurrection at the Capitol security wasn’t heightened!

Evil is confronted when these beats bump and my people are enlightened with this good word!!

Check us out, we're sliding through the portal / filling the void; naysayers we avoid, you heard?

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