Monday, June 7, 2021

I Wasn’t Feeling It! (Part Eight)

 Caught up in the chaos and the confusion; out there in grey area scenarios winning / losing!

I wasn’t feeling it, the strategy for dealing with it? rolling up I-85 towards Charlotte the Queen City! oh yeah, we were cruising!

Usually cruising out on I-20 in Atlanta but a different scenery was needed! 

I wasn’t feeling it, so how will we deal with this? the devil and his advocates opposed, they didn't understand your homies style! progress was impeded!

Listening to Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside played by 107.3 Jamz up in Greenville,  that jam was appropriate!

Naysayers try to discourage that’s how the fake ride!  when I stopped in Greenville heard Trump was in town representing traitors that call themselves Patriots!

Naysayers try to discourage that’s how the fake ride! I already told you its all game; damn!!! it's rough out here now these fools changed!!  I had to come up with an entrance and exit strategy..

It's all game, what's the deal? check the debauchery ! my people usually catching the blame from Hunger Games Peacekeepers / stormtroopers that holla at you and  me!

Ain't That A Shame was heard from Georgia state troopers posted up in obscure areas off of I-85; “surprise / surprise / surprise” was the outcry!! they fronted like Gomer Pyle!

Whats the deal? whats the business? they’re Governor Kemp’s representatives, I checked the style!

I wasn’t feeling it!  you see how the voting rules have changed down here and in other states!

I wasn’t feeling it, jumping / recognizing the pattern on this Monday morning in this world that still hates!

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