Sunday, June 20, 2021

St Germain - Family Tree

Sunday Jazz Continues, check it out! your dude is in supreme chill mode!

Maximum relaxation, in relation to maxing and relaxing, those are the facts / it’s a thing check the mode!

That’s what a dude is supposed to do on Father’s Day, but due to this Summer Solstice along with this Juneteenth holiday past episodes also come into play! 

My attitude? developed from Pops, he mentioned the madness never stops! he was right! plus Mr Cole was in the amen corner mentioning it’s a rat race / dog eat dog world! me Joe Cee and Dave Cee talked about it back in the day..

...up in Louisville but he’s also gone home so that’s another deal; let us pray was the Sunday morning move..

... per St Germain’s Family Tree that’s what the deal will be / that’s what it’s all about! check out the players and the groove!

Bass – Alioune Wade

Keyboards – Didier Davidas

Percussion – Jorge Bezerra

Saxophone – Edouard Labor

Vocals, Strings [Kamele N'Goni] – Adama Coulibaly


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