Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Sliding Through The Portal : Filling The Void (Part Four)

 The HumpDay Extravaganza is underway,  we're dropping this good word and the sound!! you probably caught us sliding through the portal!

Getting over the hump? understand a brotha that’s the mission but on any day this science is appropriate!

We’re just out here filling the void for those that are feeling the void out in the abyss!

Hyper like we’re raging /  feeling the roids? naw, we don’t need that! to control us society will feed that and this controlled substance!

So what’s up with this? we’re sliding through the portal with this breakbeat scientific business!

So what’s up with this? get that shot so you’re not affected by that Delta Variant of the coronavirus..

.. those are the only doses you need although some believe conspiracy theories!

What’s the prognosis? that’s the question asked by O-Zone as he slides through the portal telling these stories!

The devil opposes, him and his advocates will tell the Big Lie like Trump; it was unbecoming, they were out here chasing dragons.. they run into the Sun, chasing the so called truth but the dragon was uncouth riding through the portal with smoke billowing! Soon a joker was tired, seeing how the sport will go now a forlorn figure! someone you used to know? The lost themselves out in the void, soon they were rebuked / scorned but in the process some realized they’re valuable!

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