Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sliding Through Portal; Filling The Void (Part Five)

Sliding through the portal, maneuvers exposed during my I-20 Chronicles mentioning the gateway to the universe!

Filling the void, storm troopers and Hunger Games Peacekeepers I avoid! you see what happened to George Floyd, per Derek Chauvin was there any justice?

Feeling the void, out there in the vacuum as the devil creeps up on us? were fortified by Sunday morning service vibes..

Filling the void with beats that boom along with this good word, being built or torn down during these debatable circumstances? no devil dances we're kicking this  service to the worlds tribes!!

 A dude slides through the portal like Grace Jones a slave to the rhythm, but out here dealing with jokers dancing with danger.

Brave like the Atlanta baseball team? supposedly graceful, but questionable; soon susceptible to anger.. ..from those wrathful; they didn't do the math bro!! no wisdom shown like an old owl.. Lost, Earth Wind and Fire ways of the world changed some fools, we see the edges of you: some are missing the old style!

The cost? it's all game plus they keep changing the rules! mentioned by the Brotha O-Zone in previous episodes!!

The cost? society will caste blame on the victims, games? they'll kick them when they go off in devious modes!!

Lost when sliding through the portal, filling the void? naw, trying to follow the Lord's direction per the spiritual GPS...

Peeping game knowing how the sport will go, not on one accord with some of these earthlings they'll try to stress!!

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