Thursday, June 10, 2021

TECHNO MUSIC JUNE 2021 CLUB MIX #techno #djset #playlist #djstoneangels ...

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Thankful Thursday, by now y’all should know the science!

It’s a blessing to be here so we’ll celebrate life, taking it there plus we read the other signs..

Illuminated by the New Moon in Gemini / Solar Eclipse , down I-20 in Atlanta your dude still dips!

Skated on the thin ice due to the global warming but now spanning the globe brainstorming; breakbeat science a dude flips. 

Through the portal a dude slips getting technical, might even spot me trying to build with the G7 like Joe Biden!

Knowing how the sport will go, jokers will act funny like Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell wanting us to fail but for freedom we keep riding!!

Retro futuristic with it? that’s how we’re riding listening to TECHNO MUSIC JUNE 2021 CLUB MIX #techno #djset #playlist #djstoneangels ...

It’s courtesy of Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two  check the playlist and the mix!! it's going down from Detroit to Berlin to Italy to here in the ATL; we're swerving check how we work these angles!!

1 - Layton Giordani - Astro (Original Mix) 2 - NoNameLeft - Dyson Sphere (Original Mix) 3 - Patrick Scuro Philipp Lewinski - Insomnes (Original Mix) 4 - Andrea Signore - Love Story (Original Mix) 5 - Greg Notill - Essential T6 (Original Mix) 6 - Dante Filanacavo - In The Escape (Original Mix) 7 - Will Sparks - Cumon (Extended Mix) 8 - AiKAi - Memories (Original Mix) 9 - Alen Milivojevic, Drzneday - Adolescent (Original Mix) 10 - Space 92 - The Game (Original Mix) 11 - Soko & Sev - Escape From Earth (Original Mix) 12 - Herbrido - Beyond Planet Earth (Original Mix) 13 - Space 92 - Populate Mars (Original Mix)


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