Sunday, June 13, 2021

I Wasn’t Feeling It!! (Part Ten)

 Reflecting on this Sunday morning; that’s the type of business usually handled!

If it’s not one thing it’s another, so whatcha dealing with? oh yeah! that’s the type of business usually handled!

Word from the Brotha! the sound will usually accompany it as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!

Negativity? I wasn’t feeling it being real with it like Israeli ending Netanyahu’s reign?  it was a reign of terror per the Palestinians of course they weren’t feeling it!

The arch nemesis was on the premises making empty promises, rocking a Jheri curl and a Nehru or Members Only jacket running a racket! old school / low technical but still thinking they know!

Dealing with this, y’all know I wasn’t feeling it clashing with my next school / Next Level style as I go for what I know!

Doing the work, retro futuristic / old school blue collar style! hopefully they’re beneficent actions! Naysayers? they told me it doesn’t work, it’s just deficient actions! Players get hated on instead of the game when I told them it’s all game! it even led to emotional reactions from some, but those tears dry on their own. Prayers sent up, blessings come down per the Lord’s will / when conditions are right; negativity? I told you I wasn’t feeling it! that commotion’s on the south side of yesterday I’m moving on!

Oh yeah! we’re moving on check us out as we proceed and continue handling business like Joe Biden at the G7..

But peeping game not sleeping in the game; how will their actions benefit my people? who’ll see how we’re living?

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