Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Recruiting Process PT. 7 (Now The Drama Jumps Off)

 I heard what was said!!  now these jokers want to debate about it like Republicans...

I heard some we're misled / waiting in the dark!! some were bullied like Obama Supreme Court nominating a Republican...

What's up brother man? jokers are spoon fed, soon they'll join the team, it was part of the recruiting process..

Now ISIS is mad at Facebook and Twitter!!  meanwhile, out in these streets you're face to face with a crook that's bitter!! please!! the Occupy Movement  faded it didn't stop the madness...

Take a good look at it, face to face!! crooks and Ted Cruz type liars  had the lethal dose, they were trying to prove it!! now  a player proposes!! please!! it only takes a minute to fall in love.

Take a good look at it what's the prognosis? win? lose?  please!! it only takes a second to receive a blessing from above.

Take a good look at it:  I was intergalactic, above it all!! but now I'm back down to earth where the drama will jump off..

Take a good look at it: what? the sales pitch during the recruiting process!!  this life is full of drama,  now some ask was momma thrown off the train or did she jump off?

Some found out a crook had it locked down!! doubt aroused when baby girl said it's all love?  your second guessing after things jump off.

..She took out insurance policies!! now per the recruiting process contracts were taken out to have you bumped off!!

Clearance rack epiphanies occur after looting my brain!! scattered thoughts are collected like vinyl stored in O-Dog's garage..

Interference with these? the recruiting process gathered plenty of devil's advocates!! now the reign of terror is dealt with during the smoke and mirrors barrage.. 

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