Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT.8 (But Like I Said, We Still Rock It)

 I  kept telling my people life is hectic / chaotic!! I'm trying to let them know the deal...

Somebody told me relief is own the way per an early spring: no shadows projected by Punxsutawney Phil!!

As we write this on Groundhog Dog,  over at the Yellow River Game Ranch Georgia will play it another way, projecting shadows  as they consult  General Beauregard Lee

O-Dog will play the sound / O-Zone will tell you about the olive branch the State of Georgia still extends to the Confederacy...

Smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors make life hectic / chaotic but I don't let it get the best of me, no need for therapy or counseling...

No joke!! on my satellite station I mentioned old dude got no respect from Ted Cruz government shutdown types, but not hurt by Iowa caucus hypes!! no need for consoling..

Give me a break like Nell Carter? please!! the style is blue collar as we continue to put it down!!  somebody has to stay on the job.

Give me a break, a beat and this good word and I'm ready to rolll!! where? through Dodge City, avoiding IED's haters lob.

That's what Atlanta is like, hectic / chaotic as the economy will make some dip in Dodge Chargers as they  rob, steal, beg, borrow / some hoping /  Maybe Tomorrow like the Jacksons.

Scenarios go down!! like Ben Carson vs Ted Cruz  or Mario Rubio some rob, steal, beg, borrow!! no telling how they might go when dealing with evil factions.

At the crossroads / intersection? jokers are starting it, saying we're going to lose!! I spotted naysayers with their gloom and doom..

We already know it's hectic / chaotic but we still rock it!! during interactions some will talk out of the side of their neck, like they're on that meth or even schrooms..

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