Friday, February 19, 2016

Calling For Reinforcements

The hustlers keep hustling and the players keep playing!!  they should know how the sport gets. 

It's going down!! so whats up cousin? like Kanye West asking for help with his debt I see jokers asking for reinforcements. 

Oh yes!! previously?  they were going in like Green Berets!!! they were Cavalier like Cleveland

Boisterous  / braggadocious like Donald Trump!!  now Pope Francis types are mad at them,  questioning their Christianity!!  so what do you believe in? 

What's up with us these veterans in the game that are now coaching? we're chilling out as Armageddon is approaching:  R.I.P. to Vanity from Vanity 6

So what's happening?  can't you see it's all game, plus the sport is complex? 

 Jokers were told to play on player but now they need reinforcements:  even police radios will scream man down!!!

R I. P. to Major Greg Barney from Riverdale, episodes on terra firma reminding us of hell? jokers like me say a prayer!! that's how it's going down!!

Lord Help!! Lord Help!! was the battle cry,  rebuking a joker that told that lie per Ted Cruz vs Donald Trump!! as we cruise in the hooptie sounds will thump,  as we roll down I-20!!   this is how it's going down!

Spiritual health is threatened, it's no lie!! backs are against the wall, now some want to talk like the European Union Summit!! it's going down!! 

Soon some will call for reinforcements while O-Dog will pull out the drumkit and Yamaha keyboards..

O-Zone? he knows how the sport will get!! this good word is typed on HP keyboards...

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