Friday, February 26, 2016

Recruiting Process PT. 8 (Rebuking Shady Recruiters)

So what's really going on? that's what I'm trying to determine!! but during the recruiting process some said I was worried about the wrong thing..

 So what's really going on? a Louisvillian not an ATLien, somebody asked how's that working for you? more like a Louisvillain?  playing like Charlie Strong, doing the damn thing?

Please!! who recruited some of these cats? these jokers don't go to the basket strong!! they would rather shoot three pointers like Stephen Curry...

Donald Trump asked whats wrong with one of the establishments recruits,  Marco Rubio? was the style soft because  he had on too much makeup? it's like Jamaican dishes with too much curry...

Donald Trump received the assist from a fellow East Coast recruit Chris Christie Ricky Rubio style!!  the prelude was part of a *HumpDay Extravaganza*

We moved on to Flashback / Freaky / Friday!! sounds thump plus this good word is dropped as we try to get over the hump; who'll understand a bruh? 

Rejoicing!! The Humpty dance was done off in this piece!!! word from Shock G, Humpty and Digital Underground.

Rejoicing!! but some are voicing opposition / some tried to front:  endeavors fail, towers fall like Humpty, meanwhile O-Dog was taking a chance / trying to advance with the analog and digital sound.

In the Smoke and Fog enhanced by mirrors?  sacred grounds were disturbed!! some said the writing is on the wall or in the wall like Jerusalem....

Meanwhile we try to survive the storm,  staying one step ahead of shady recruiters aka devil's advocates /  one step ahead of fireshowers!! this in no joke!! me and O-Dog kept running!! admitting this is not the norm...

Check the style; the masses we warn!! now some will rebuke the recruiting process; they'll request to be traded like Colin Kaepernick

Check the style: classes and seminars are conducted, but due to the recruiting process some are corrupted!! they sold out / they were paid off!! now that they have it they'll try to trick..

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