Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ghetto Editorials PT.5 (Word On The Curb / Word In The Wind)

How did they operate? some started rushing / fools rush in!! at the end of the day?  they're trying to make things jump off.

Some haven't stopped hating:  what are they debating? so what's really going on / has anything changed? please!!  the Sonic Assault is still in full effect!! in the hooptie?  the sounds bumped!! O-Dog is going off.

It's a drought like Ben Carson campaign finances;  who's trying to shake the slump off?  but little homie in Atlanta with the smash and grabs said it's all good!!

What's it all about? what's the word from herbs in the suburbs to thugs all up in the hood.

What's it all about? what's the word on the curb / the word in the wind?

We go all out with these ghetto editorials, dropping this good word and a funky blend.

Messages we send,  trying to make it match:  we come out fresh with a brand new batch, answering the question heard:  somebody was asking what's good?

Funky fresh in the flesh!! hit the refresh button to show you what's hood. 

Funky fresh in the flesh? somebody lied,  like the Ted Cruz campaign telling a story?  somebody said the material was wood but it wasn't natural...

Please!! it's easy to lose during the ongoing reign of terror!! these ghetto editorials aren't hazardous material...

Please!! it's easy to lose during the ongoing terror like ISIS on the road to Damascus unlike Paul..
Please!! it's easy to lose like Rubio and Cruz to Trump in the Nevada caucuses: so what's up with us? check out these ghetto editorials for the *Word On The Curb / Word In The Wind* yall..

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