Monday, February 22, 2016

Ghetto Editorials PT. 4 (Word On The Curb / Word In The Wind)

 It's going down!! excuse me while I drop these ghetto editorials, it's based on the word on the curb...

It's going down!! lose me with the territorial disputes like ISIS attacks in Horns and Damascus; you heard?

This word in the wind blows like a hurricane during the ongoing crisis; It's like a Wind Parade..

Mentioned by  Donald Byrd,  you heard? my people aren't playing, they're hip to the game!! per Jeb Bush, there will be no more Bush family charade..

Soon Donald Trump will be facing the music;   it'll be like fighting the hood crime spree,  cases will get trumped up.

Check out these ghetto editorials!! the *Good Word*  is provided by O-Zone,  but O-Dog stays busy!!! beats get drummed up.

Alter egos did the math:  we summed up the consequences while altered Negroes went down the wrong path!!  most of them sold out, we found out after we asked about the prognosis.

Dropping this breakbeat science / these ghetto editorials!!  but we're  not playing  like wet and dry snitchers / aka whsitelblowers I see on the news down here in Atlanta!! please!! Georgia doesn't mess around!! death row inmates get hit up with  lethal doses.

Plus the word on the curb / word in the wind mentions snitches in ditches, plus we didn't approach this with a hockey or ski mask on. with the automatic weapon in our hand.

Per the word on the curb / word in the wind?  even though we're local, national, international and intergalactic we didn't encroach on this or that territory like it was Chiraq aka Chicagoland...

Per the word on the curb / word in the wind? we're holding it down!!! the Mothership has landed!! we just got back from the International Space Station

Check out these ghetto editorials!! breakbeat science is what you get! recognize the Spiritual Significance in this operation.

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