Monday, February 29, 2016

Falling For It

Listening to some classic Slum Village / J Dilla:  don't sell yourself to fall in love. 

Shady officials run the village!!  they'll make deals with you for the crumbs,  now jokers fight / push!!  some fall after the shove.

Shady officials tell us it's all love,  but its election time so we're hearing all kind of stories. 

Trump will say anything plus he's down with anybody,  Marco Rubio was like a robot or puppet on a string: what's the objective? power, fame and glory is!!

Old dude said money is what you'll lose fooling with Ted Cruz!!  him and Mitch McConnell authored the government shutdown.

 Old dude is shrewd,  assisting like Ricky Rubio!! he said he's like Golden State Warriors he's not trying to lose!! now Cruz and McConnell want to block Obama Supreme Court nominations:  he's trying to put it down!! 

Bullies with an attitude bring Tears of a clown per Smokey Robinson and The Miracles; they're seen after some people fell for it. 

O-Dog steers the mothership down treacherous waters aka the stream of consciousness spotting  jokers in *la la land* as witches and warlocks caste a spell for it. 

Some people fell for it!! per the Geico Sarge Mamby Pamby Land residents? Handy Mandy can't fix it!!

Some will run and tell it, but snitches / whistleblowers find no benevolence!! somebody might understand me when I kick it...

What? this breakbeat science!!! belligerence? borderline / on the edge rants and raves is what we call it.....

It's based on being wise to the set up: I was at the borderline looking at the green grass that turned out to be artificial turf:  bearing witness watching people fall for for it...

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