Sunday, February 23, 2014

So...This Is How It Is?

Astrologers kept mentioning Mercury I'm analyzing the past episodes leading up to today; oh!  so this is how it

Check the spiritual significance in this operation..not compromising today by living in the past though;  because it is what it is! 

Spiritual instead of religious...what's the deal with this? but still dealing with the arch nemesis on the premises;  I even had to call for back up! 

Real with this thing!! handling business before it handles me ..that's whats up! 

Still dealing with things that are corrupt per Chris Christie?   its like that when your all up in the spot!

Its easy to be subject to the authority!! victimized by the scheme and plot!

 But I'm not spotted on the scene a lot...I'm over it... I observe it then I'm ready to roll!

 I'm on my way after saying... oh!!  its like this!!  but still guarding my soul!

How did I roll? intergalactic trips were taken...knowledge was dropped by aliens..

Similar to interacting with earthlings from foreign lands down here in the ATL..from Mexico, Haiti, Somalia...from Venezuela to Pakistan..some were considered so called illegal aliens...

Intergalactic drama was similar to Cowboys and Aliens..or like the  El Chapo Shorty Guzman captures that went down...lessons were is how it is?

Intergalactic funk from a brotha is whats up man!!  after lessons were is how it is!!!

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