Thursday, February 20, 2014

All Up In The Spot / ..I'm Back After Taking A Brief Hiatus

Once again its on!! I'm all up in the spot!!  I'm back after a brief hiatus!

 Like tornadoes in the Midwest is it hot due to global warming?  or cold due to the polar vortex?   how will I play this?

 The sport is will I say this; speaking or writing?  Dale Carnegie said it had to be truth or entertainment! 

As we come with the next ..breakbeat science is dropped..are we win or loss streaking?  some hope I fail!!  they're trying to start with me!! they want to see my arraignment! 

The pain can get heavy!!  like its the weight of the world on your shoulders! 

The reign began with a drizzle;  now some are plotting like the Three Amigos..will it be Alberta Clippers or Keystone XL?  meanwhile were dipping..staying ahead of so called power holders!

The pain is experienced by ATL wannabe players starting a Sochi Pussy Riot; once beauty beholders until they scratched beneath the surface! 

Now they see the sight is gruesome!! plus like in Kiev Ukraine jokers act brand new with them!! so how will they work this? 

I paid my dues son!! I moved I'm trying to maintain..but actually I'm due a rebate!! but I still deal with the hate! 

But the Lord blessed us double for the trouble!! with the prophet there was no debate! 

When the system stressed us?  we rebuked them with the sonic

We kept on is a marathon!! the art of survival?  we
have the knack!

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