Tuesday, February 4, 2014

All Up In The Spot / They Were Still Wasting My Time

Were all up in the spot!! damn!! were back at the scene of the crime!

 Jokers make accusations..like they say Obamacare is going to do this and that...they said its my fault! but actually they were wasting my time!

What it do? broken beats and English were the vehicles.. I wasn't wasting my mind per Negro College Fund commercials! 

What it do? I'm cutting and pasting mine per the fellow traveler / mystery unraveler!!  now some wonder how this Negro works these and those! 

Check the style / swag / steelo...like the creation vs evolution debate the devil will oppose; now check how it all falls apart! 

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! now check the spiritual revolution.. to survive?  you'll have to have a heart! 

R.I.P Philip Seymour Koffman...as we deal with it..see me going off man!! as I start this journey...Lord Help Lord Help!! is the battle cry! 

Who'll work with me?  I heard what was said!!  but it was
spoken by one that told the damn lie!

Word from John Boehner!!...some wonder when the pain will go away that was caused by crooks like Morgan Stanley..

Looking for closure per the foreclosure...I told you the devil will oppose you...understand me? 

I'm all up in the spot..where did the mothership land me?...these earthlings don't wanna act right!!

I'm all up in the spot..jokers were wasting my time...like LeVar Burton  jokers were mad at me because I was doing me!! now they said I didn't act right!!

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