Saturday, February 8, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Rebuking Regular Scheduled Programming

Were all up in the spot dealing with the regular scheduled programming! 

O-Dizzle is rocking out!!  ATL wannabe macks and divas were wondering why I wasn't slow jamming!  

Hustles? the system is knocking out there!! whatcha know?  after the stop and frisk?  NYC cops were slamming brothas to the pavement! though they were spied on by NSA..G8 and G20 act funny with the money...manipulated by multi-national corporations...check out the high tech enslavement! 

Damn!! periods of bereavement were needed!!..these haters are killing it! 

Periods of achievement will impress some...until jokers pull the plug like on Alex Rodriguez..then its like Janet Jackson;  what have you done for me lately?  please!! whose chilling with it? 

Some are deceived by it!! please!! chilling effects will object!! Google will take down the content of the website!

 I'm dealing with it!! please!! were dealing with Alberta Clippers or even the polar vortex... rolling like Spiderman trying to keep my web tight! 

All up in the spot trying to get it right...the sport is complex but like Subway...azodicarbonamide like chemicals plus sublimals are removed from the diet..or we suffer the consequences! 

All up in the spot...check the insight.. being built or torn down?  check out the debatable circumstances!

All up in the spot...advances are made...taking chances during the ongoing is a marathon...

We kept on running..regular scheduled programming? were rebuking...wondering what some of these folk are on...

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