Saturday, February 22, 2014

...But I'm Just Saying

Your dude is chilling out!! things are peaceful....but I'm just saying! 

The attitude is positive;  that's how I'm trying to live..trying to spread that feeling to others but like in Venezuela I'm meeting opposition!! so I'm just praying!

 I'm just laying in the cut; 70 degree Saturday in February in the ATL...last week we had an ice the outback on the deck attitude continues!!  even though I'm all up in the spot!

 ..But I'm just saying; I've got that feeling something ain't right per Keith Sweat!! whose all up in the plot? 

Agendas?  haters will sweat!! whose all up in the plot or scheme?  the Undisputed Truth mentioned smiling faces! 

Agendas?  haters circumvent! they were uncouth with it...the O-Jays mentioned Backstabbers; but these days jokers are on Facebook and Twitter styling and profiling! but soon catching cases!

Unlike Shorty Guzman...were they pretenders and fakers? it seems that way.. I'm not just saying this because I'm paranoid! 

The sport is complex man!! but these beat blenders and good word droppers will fill the void!

 That's because we feel the void; "something just ain't right"  ..I mentioned it earlier...I'm just saying!

But I know the Lord is with me as long as I try to keep it righteous; so I'm just praying!

I'm just laying down this good funky tracks in response to the madness..

I'm just a breakbeat scientific formula..letting you know what the storm will do..breaking it down like its The Book of Eli when I come back with this...

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