Monday, February 24, 2014

All Up In The Spot / The Process Wasn't Natural

Were all up in the spot;  like smog in Beijing...I see the process wasn't now we have technical difficulties! 

Soon some are victimized by the scheme or plot; meanwhile I'm doing the damn thing!! but some still question my abilities!

Thought and fashion police roll up like Israeli planes attacking Lebanon...but I'm not surprised;  opposition has been met since day one!

 Business as usual all up in the spot!  like Uganda anti-gay laws the apparatus will play one! 

...or play two or the whole crew!! understand a bruh..what can I say y'all? disgusting per Yoweri Museveni?  actually? the system will  play the masses! 

Acting like we knew!! knowing what the deal will be...soon conducting seminars and classes! 

This breakbeat science is massive! due to organic / natural processes similar to solar flares..some will see that its not the norm! 

Those that fake it had dangerous minds!! check the inclement
weather..forecasters tell you your not in a storm! 

Its not havens / safe harbors and storm shelters should be inhabited! 

Its not natural;  safe said the umpire!! ..but the defender blocked the path and touched the player with the we deal with it! 

Its not natural..but we deal with it y'all !! it's like this while were all up in the spot!

 On point when we "holla atcha"   ...whose part of the scheme or plot?



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