Monday, February 3, 2014

All Up In Spot/ Back At The Scene Of The Crime Where They Steal Your Time

Were all up in the spot!! but not like Philip Seymour Hoffman with 50 bags of heroin...but were back at the scene of the crime! 

Hip to the scheme or plot; these jokers are flipping out..they're going off man!!  nefarious ones will steal your time! 

The Sun is in Aquarius..whats up with this? is this the age? it seems you were in your prime!! but you might be out of it like Peyton Manning! 

Omaha audibles won't help per the Seattle Seahawks!! please!  like ISIS in Syria the enemy stalks!!  meanwhile O-Zone is praying for peace and understanding! 

Check the ongoing crisis / hysteria..drama was even intergalactic!! now the mothership is landing on earth!! damn!! the hooptie needed a little work! 

Manny Moe and Jack can't fix it!! damn!! maybe DJ O-Dizzle per Indeep can make it work! 

Haters creep acting like they knew...even passing a $1 trillion farm bill !! many were bamboozled / hoodwinked after the reign began with a drizzle! 

All up in the spot!! back at the scene of the crime where they steal your time.. per Chris Christie and his crew...I bear witness as all their plans fizzle! 

Country fried steaks and barbecued ribs sizzled at the Super Bowl party!! but I was on some other other! 

Countrified fakes descended on the ATL!!  the promised land!! but they found out its some other other!

Meanwhile this brotha let the hustlers hustle and the players play!!  I had other things to do!

...I'm shining like Northern Lights in Sweden..a soldier in the ongoing spiritual warfare.... I'm acting like I knew!

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