Friday, February 14, 2014

All Up In The Spot / The Chilling Out -Thawed Out Edition

Were all up the the ATL where the ice is melting! 

O-Zone is chilling out!! cool like Ice-T without Dungeons and Dragons or Ice Cube!! in  survival mode!! but it's  like working a Rubix Cube!! plus  bad cards are dealt up in this thing! 

It "ain't nothing nice" on this mystic voyage fighting dragons and other beast and Richie Incognito types...but we survive....doing the damn thing!! God is blessing us! 

...Reflected on when sitting outback on my deck...but still getting no justice or peace / no respect!! the system is stressing us! 

Disconnected; now I'm back on default settings..chilling out at the Quik Trip on Panola Rd drinking Juan Valdez style coffee...parking lot pimping was even part of the agenda! 

Reflected on Louisville / Newburg upbringings;  real when I
do this thing!! authentic!! there's no tolerance for a pretender! 

Elected?  anointed? naw!!  it wasn't in the House Of Cards..those that were flashy got all the attention!

 Court jesters!! plus the wannabe macks and divas resided in the ATL dimension!

 Peeping game;  paying  attention!! they needed to go get a room or put a ring on it like the Pope said...I let the hustlers hustle and the players play!

 Not sleeping in the game; you can't be like that all up in the spot!! the soldier role is what this brotha will play!

The Sonic Assault will play all up in the spot...hazardous material? naw!! what we have is spiritual...

Lessons were taught when the Sonic Blackjack swings..reality is the best we see what it do.. 


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