Monday, April 10, 2023

Deep House Mix 2023 | Refresh Yourself #02 | Carlos Grau

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday as we get  back to business as usual after Easter Sunday!

Don't get me wrong the saga  / struggle continues as life goes on and the toil and strife goes on! per Donny Hathaway we'll all be free, someday. 

Until then clear the runway, ours is out here off of I-20 in Atlanta our gateway to the universe!

The saga  / struggle it's rough out here like old dude up on Shasta Trail up in Louisville  / Newburg would always say, it'll make you want to pray and curse!

Plus the Mr Cole from Bonita Lane emphasized that its a rat race  /  dog eat dog world, as we witnessed per the mass shootings on Main Street up in Louisville!

That's how jokers roll, back to back like shootings that got the Tennessee Three in trouble up in Nashville!

Ladies and gentlemen? that's what we have to deal with in Babylon but once again its on as we weaponize the sound to fight back with this Deep House Mix 2023 | Refresh Yourself #02 | Carlos Grau

Check it out y'all, you know the deal y'all should know how we do!! we posted Part One of this series at he I-20 Chronicles, but check out the playlist and the mix for Part Two!! this is what's up with a brotha!! 


 1 - Crazy P - Changes (Mario Basanov Remix) - 00:00 

2 - Allovers and Elliot Chapman - Psychedelic Love (Original Mix) - 06:17 

3 - Ann Nesby, DJ Spen - I Feel (David Morales Def Mix) - 11:11 

4 - Maximo Gladius - Azura - 17:40 

5 - Avant - Nothing Without You - 22:48 

6 - Demarkus Lewis - Sol Free (Extended Remix) - 28:40 

7 - Deeperteque - Right On Time (Original Mix) - 33:27 

8 - Colman Buckley - No Dice - 38:15 

9 - Turbojazz, Sean McCabe feat. JAVONNTTE - Wanna Dance - 43:50 

10 - Ralphi Rosario & Xaviera Gold - You Used To Hold Me (Spiritchaser Vocal Mix) - 50:40 

11 - Marlon D pres. Ultra Nate - God's Message (Jose Carretas Mix) - 55:45 

12 - Daniel J. & DJ Jaz ftt Dahrio Wonder - I Can't Get Enough (Harlum Remix) - 01:02:02


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