Thursday, April 6, 2023

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Seven)

  Digital Crate Digging Continues per our Throwback Thursday edition, but excuse us as we serve poetic justice!!

We're still collecting these scattered thoughts!! the saga / struggle continues from our remote outpost out of I-20 in Atlanta!! this is what's up with us!!

Breakbeat Scientific Studies are conducted at our Institute check out the lab techniques, similar to a test was conducted involving Apricot Brandy...

...opposed by Peach flavored moonshine from old dude up in the Kentucky..

 ..backwoods; similar to inner city hoods but instead of hip hop they listen to the blues played on a guitar and  a black organ in the trailer. 

Backwoods smoked, but those more adventurous? fentanyl or meth was toked but it was all detrimental! ingredients leading to failure!

On the inside some joked but per it being a blessing to be here check these menus as Thankful Thursday meals are served as these dudes swerved out there on I-20 in Atlanta collecting these scattered thoughts

Checked these menus, shady dealing going down like Clarence Thomas not really being down, so who'll work with me? like Ukraine ready to rebuke Russia the sound is weaponized as we launch these sonic assaults!!

Rocked these venues as digital crate digging continues but thought, fashion and morality police weren't impressed!! soon pursuing charges like Trump Indictments and arraignments!!

Losing me! instead they should be charging this to the game!!  based on my Louisville / Newburg default settings?  I collected scattered thoughts like a veteran knowing how the game can get!

Wise to the whole set up so I know the deal; this Louisvillle dude now down here in Atlanta will behave / govern himself accordingly!! in the meantime and between time we're moving forward!!

Energized by that Libra Full Moon, success attained soon ignoring where the border or boundary will be; we're moving forward!!

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