Thursday, April 13, 2023

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Ten)

On this Thankful Thursday where it's a blessing to be here we're still collecting these scattered thoughts!

Throwback Thursday energy is also utilized as digital crate digging continues per launching these sonic assaults!

We're still collecting these scattered thoughts,   processing them like old school factories did raw materials back in the day before being moving overseas, replaced by call centers!

But due to the pandemic skyscrapers sit empty contributing to the banking crisis even though due to electric vehicles and other devices states like Kentucky and Georgia build plants that manufacture batteries, we'll see how that goes!

While collecting these scattered thoughts and trying to use a fresh view  / fresh vision I see we're in the midst of the chaos between right and wrong!

I see the thought and fashion police were on patrol along with the morality police! they came through blasting their sounds but I  knew there was something about that ethereal song!

It played in the background as some released secret documents from the Pentagon or they made outlandish confessions after supposedly collecting their scattered thoughts, while others withheld information soon sanctioned like Fox News in the Dominion lawsuit!

Madness? oh yeah! it came back around but did it ever leave? I  see it's on the rise in these sections as some of these characters try to act cute!

Even politicians try to act cute, sick with it / slick with it! radiance abounds from him or even her but y'all should know it hides the trickster within. 

Some were mesmerized by it, like per the Trump arraignment money is sent for campaigns and legal expenses and some even compared him to Jesus but they're soon in their feelings..

..after they're surprised by it? what? after doing the knowledge/ collecting scattered thoughts they found out it was all a grift, they found out about the scam!

In their feelings but still defiant now ready to flip out rolling with the palpable anxiety! all I  can say is  damn!

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