Monday, April 3, 2023

2-Hour House Music DJ Mix by JaBig (Playlist: 125 BPM)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday, we got off to a late start but we're in here!! we picked up some steam!!

O-Dog Day Partying even though the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on!!  we'll play on, keep on keeping on / taking it there, my constituents know what I mean!!

Not faking it out here, your dude is peeping game like a Chinese Spy Balloon keeping it real per the old school Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday catch phrase..

Not faking it out here like Trump finally indicted about something!! but the GOP still had his  back handily  endorsing / enabling a crook

Not faking it out here, letting the music play per this  2-Hour House Music DJ Mix by JaBig (Playlist: 125 BPM)

We're taking it there!!  check out the sound /  playlist and theand how we're trying to play this!! this is what's up / what's happening!!

I Never Knew (Fouk Remix) Reel People, Speech, Fouk

WHAT (Original Mix) Jovonn 

Love Is The Answer (Sebb Junior Remix) Vertigini 

Exquisite (K.O.T. Exquisite Mix) Kings Of Tomorrow 

Dirty Chords (Extended Mix) Demarkus Lewis

Caught In Luv feat. Dawn Tallman (Marc Cotterell's Extended Love Redemption Mix) Dawn Tallman, K London Posse 

Post Truth Youth (Original Mix) Rocco Rodamaal, Monique Bingham 

You Shine (Original Mix) Zetbee 

What I Do (Original Mix) Smudged Soul 

Right On Track (Original Mix) IAN CARRERA 

This Woman (CEV's Remix) Demarkus Lewis 

Set Fire To It (Franck Roger Remix) Robert Owens, Momento (AU) 

Can't Stop Won't Stop (Original Mix) Donya B Bass 

Feel Free (Original Mix) Don Swing 

Mooji (Original Mix) Franck Roger 

The Night Tube (Original Mix) Martin Depp

Lunar (Original Mix) DIMMISH

Karma Debt (Original Mix) Afefe Iku

XTC feat. Nicky Louise (Dub Mix) Rocket Dubz, Nicky Louise

Experience (Original Mix) JT Donaldson, Ben Hixon

Tough Groove (Original Mix) Vincenzo Gerri 

Wasted Time (Original Mix) Post Cap Era 

Together (Original Mix) Kekko Navarro 

All Right (Matt McLarrie Remix) Damian Rausch, Matt McLarrie 

Da Dat Song (Extended Mix) Matt Jam Lamont, BKT


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