Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Holding Pattern (Part Ten)

 As a rainy Saturday morning transitions into Saturday afternoon it seems we’re in a holding pattern!

Full moon in Pisces residue? this or that crisis can get the best of you! reality out here bruising and battering!

Full moon in Pisces? this or that price will be paid now some are out here counting the hours. “Ain’t nothing nice” about the anxiety! incoming blessings or more stressing? the situation? another type of holding pattern, it sours… …the vibe / the atmosphere, but on so many levels the contours of empathy are felt. Some found a cure per Ashford and Simpson maybe they can catch up on their pimping! they got a clue from the residue, plus from the cards that are dealt…

…by these gamblers out for a fast buck; it’s not a simple thing it’s easy to press your luck out here in Babylon!

These good word ramblers and big beat droppers continue doing what we do broadcasting live from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, our self imposed holding pattern!

It’s way way out there, like the other remote outpost used by shady characters! incoming traffic easily heard on this gravel road.

Upgraded from dirt, like backwoods Georgia roads or even out by Sumter South Carolina when I was visiting the kinfolk; no more dust or soot. Out in a bubble; like I said it’s way way out there, some are in isolation mode.
Out of trouble? it’s a holding pattern/ a hideout after they pillaged the village! in the metro area they’ll steal / rob / loot.

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