Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Holding Pattern (Part Seven)

 I mentioned earlier about being in a holding pattern, but on this Sunday morning I was  reminded of a positive aspect of that concept!

I’m reminded that per Isaiah 40:11  God is holding and keeping us, as the devil and his advocates are creeping up on us! we know what’s up with it!

While others are sleeping on us  / not checking for us the Lord said you are my joy, it’s easy for me to comfort your heart.

But He said we should be trying to show Him and our fellow earthlings some love / some kind of intimacy. But as its always in life? us earthlings are out here trying to do our own things! they’re in their own kind of holding pattern! doubt will play its part. Soon there’s no compromise!! from Trump Insurrectionists to the Russia vs Ukraine situation check out the wars and rumors of wars! O-Zone is not surprised by the inequity. 

What will the style be? O-Zone tried to break out of this earthbound holding pattern per intergalactic maneuvers, but the mothership? damaged! while we were out there lights blinked on the instrument panel just like Artemis 1; we had to land at our moon base. Did the engine fail? a brotha gets breakbeat scientific trying to develop a prognosis / analyze the situation! we might be here a spell. So we had to go into another holding pattern; chill with the extraterrestrials, but per this Labor Day Holiday? reunions will take place! Sunday Jazz Continues, might even set off the O-Dog Party off! intergalactic funk is the music played! now we know that won’t fail!

Check these menus, this is the byproduct of being in our holding pattern! even though the science is local / national / international and intergalactic it’s from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta. 

We’ll rock these venues from Atlanta to Louisville where the football team seems to be in a holding pattern per their loss to Syracuse to Newburg! from Pluto to Mars and back to Johannesburg! somebody will understand a brotha!

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