Friday, September 16, 2022

Change Of Scenery (Part Ten) Concepts Revisited

 Comfort zones get uncomfortable, check it out!  it even goes down on this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here! soon it’ll be time for a change of scenery! 

It’s all part of a bigger plan, some will say part of the Master's Plan; the gospel song by the Miami Mass Choir says what’s meant for me is for me…

…and you too so what it do? these earthlings get slick with it / sick with it! I heard the sovereign promises made to the so called sovereign citizens of the commonwealth!

Here in Kentucky, maybe Virginia or even Great Britain! by the monarchy / royalty some were smitten but lack of solidarity and loyalty led to the Trump insurrection due to moves that were so called stealth. What will the style be? it’s all about freedom, aided by a change of scenery? naysayers mention y’all are having those misty dreams. Pieces of a dream satisfied some, not just the group dropping the funk on this Flashback Friday but the actual dream, but others had plots / schemes. 

But even with the change of scenery? as I mentioned before there’s no solidarity! some blame a Google, a Facebook or some other type of algorithm control.. Progress impeded by the timeline or feed manipulated by social media specialists? Check the story metaphorically as some are brainwashed / bamboozled / hoodwinked/ taken / kidnapped; microchip planted deeper in their skin for control! Others? still out here faking the funk when Main Source put us on to the game! out here on the premises making empty promises. 

Time will reveal per Debarge that they’re the arch nemesis; we’ll see what the deal will be!

They weren’t large and in charge! kicked off the premises; addition by subtraction will change the scenery!

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