Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Holding Pattern (Part Eight)

 Inclement weather led to flight delays over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend; even when trying to land planes? some were in a holding pattern!

Similar to Trump stall tactics when facing justice aided and abetted by Aileen Cannon and  by other Federalist Society judges? oh yeah, a different kind of holding pattern!

Similar to North Korea and Russian collaborations concerning Ukraine? spoken and unspoken secrets by shady allies led to the document stealing, filming, sharing and even shredding. Oaths broken, soon democracy broken? jokers are trying to hide evidence! was it obstruction of justice? Lack of cooperation in ongoing investigations led to another holding pattern; in the Oath Keepers and Patriot Front are there undercover agents? the force / agencies are embedding.. ..behind the scenes, may the force be with you out there where trust was absent!

Behind the plots and schemes? powerful forces that don’t really care about us, mentioned by Michael Jackson!

Who is or who’s not on our teams in this league full of intrigue / full of action?

They wanted to keep us in a holding pattern but dude said he wasn’t having it! he left the barracks pumped! a warrior with self-esteem!

But the hunger hurts! the economy is jacked up per post pandemic economics! reality or the next level dramatics will eclipse your dreams. But the hunger hurts, tired of the holding pattern! he’s meeting plots and schemes head on! like O-Zone mentioned earlier dude didn’t quit/ stop! On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way or any day? he’ll fight until the end, or it looks like it’s whenever the madness stops!

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