Friday, September 2, 2022

Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Summer Edition Vol. 10

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; due to it being a blessing to be here we also call this our Fabulous Friday segment..

Of course the saga / struggle continues, don't give the cash back unless you sold out! I already told you the temperature is rising but it’s cold out in this world! the devil and his advocates are  bringing it!!

You'll get what you paid for, no need to lash back even though we're not singing it or rapping about it; we're the curators..

No instruments played; but in reality it's instrumental that some get played!!  true colors are exposed revealing haters...

Detrimental circumstances are fought using the sound; we're listening to this Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Summer Edition Vol. 10 courtesy of the Rhythm Republic!!

Check out the playlist and the mix!  per this sound somebody call a doctor because we're jamming!! per this O-Dog Day Party the funky drummer is drumming!! this is what's up with it!!

 1. Chaos In The CBD - Intimate Fantasy 

2. Kevin Yost, Crew Deep - Wanna Meet Ya (Original Mix) 

3. Zetbee - Bring It 

4. Miguel Migs - Restless Nights feat. Martin Luther (Migs Salty Touch Dub) 

5. Ross Couch - Hold Me Close 

6. DJ Steaw - Dance To The Rhythm 

7. Duwayne Motley - Gave Up On Love feat. Zandrina (Dub) 

8. Jason Pascascio - Hot Summer Nights 

9. Trevor Gordon - Healthy Quarantine 

10. Domino DB - Talk To Me Now (Sebb Junior Extended Mix) 

11. Oscar Barila - Dealing With The Condition (Original Mix) 

12. Vincent Caira - What I Do

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