Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Changing The Game (Part Three)

 True indeed!!  oh yes we’re changing the game like the Supreme Court  and Roe v Wade! wishers and hopers will get gaffled / left baffled but we already knew, back in the day we did the math when we cruised up Broadway and Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville doing it real big! 

Especially during this Derby Week but outlooks were bleak as Mitch McConnell was already plotting and scheming as the Judge / Executive  of Jefferson County but I avoided the bounty, follow me down here in the ATL; changing the game up different styles / on a different path as a bruh flows down I-20; dropping this breakbeat science is the gig! 

As I change the game up for some the game is up!! it's on fire like portions of Ukraine as they feel the pain; others? they see how shady things are as some want us to take a loss! 

I change my name up; O-Dog aka O-Dizzle, aka O-Zone, it's on!! rocking the alias; but not trying to front and floss! 

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way? a game changer, peeping game / doing the math every telltale sign goes in my mind / the database.
Come closer to the conclusion? I mentioned jumping and recognizing I’m not downsizing I’m still in the chase. Changing the game, winning / losing the race? it’s got me in a Cold Sweat like James Brown! Dripping coffee on a cool morning or lemonade on a hot afternoon on my outfit, but not out of it; it’s still going down. 

Changing the game, back in the day? all up in Louisville all up in the game! let me tell you this, that taxi life was rough!
Spelled out in the Taxi Cab Chronicles as I dealt with these and those with the Roger and Zapp persona, so rough / so tough. Bad episodes? like I mentioned earlier it had me in a Cold Sweat like James Brown! Clairvoyance was needed, but now changing the game due to 20 / 20 hindsight / halcyon clarity after the drama / games went down.

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