Thursday, May 19, 2022

At The End Of The Day? It's Gotta Be Good!! (Part Three)

 Check us out as we come through on this Thankful Thursday; gratitude is shown, it’s a blessing to be here!

Reflecting on past episodes since it’s also a Throwback Thursday, had to admit we were caught out there!

At the end of the day? it’s gotta be good but it’s rough out here! I see y’all out here, greetings! excuse me if we never said hello!

At the end of the day? it’s gotta be good! up in Louisville / Newburg or even over in Decatur players even said it’s gotta be hood! greetings! excuse me I’ve been caught up in symmetrically looping time. How did that dude O-Zone play? like Palestinians dealing with Israelis, Ukrainians dealing with Russians and my people in Buffalo dealing with white nationalists we’re sliding through like a contortionist, knowing how the sport gets! taking a loss forever? In these zones we pray, low we lay; like old girl over on Candler Road in Decatur saying I missed my calling I should have been a preacher, hiding from destiny? reality getting the best of me, supposedly in my prime?

At the end of the day? it’s gotta be good, this is a critical stage of development! some of us are caught in a vacuum / caught in a moment of time.
How did we play? per War Slipping Into Darkness / the endless night; some are already there waiting in the grey area between Covid 19 supposedly being over and World War Three; prime time? At the end of the day? it’s gotta be good but some are lost forever, they’re caught up in the system / matrix / caught out there! They couldn’t be resurrected, even their flagship abandoned them; love / war? nothing is fair.

Throwback Thursday business? love didn’t live there anymore per Rose Royce!

At the end of the day? it’s gotta be good, the pursuit is bizarre and intoxicating! it’s easy to lose your poise!

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