Sunday, May 15, 2022

Changing The Game (Part Nine)

 From this Sunday morning to beyond we’re taking an oath to growth; we’re changing the game!

Being built or torn down per debatable circumstances? either way we’re taking chances, we’re not the ones to blame…

…if  the deal goes sideways but  we’ll still bear witness to the madness;  tried to hip others to the game, they were told to embed every aspect in their mind.

It’ll change the game, but they didn’t hear me though! they will surely forget; oh yes, they’re that kind! Caught up in the game / caught up in the system / matrix? oh yes! they didn’t care even if survival meant swinging on a memory. Caught up in the game! so called post pandemic atmosphere dealing with inflation and other issues, they’re distracted, they won’t even object if others like Trump insurrectionists and shady Supreme Court justices concerning Roe v Wade try to rewrite history.

It’s hard to change the game if you’re feeling some kind of way but some will try; half moon reverie? I see them but it’ll be bigger than that!
Something that’ll change the game? tonight's Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will double that! Changing the game / how will the sport go? bearing witness, from this morning’s sunrise to tonight’s twisted arias of twilight, is it all a preview? …for the darkest of nights? enabling some to process insights causing some to writhe but we’ll see what it does / do.

Meanwhile we’ll spark this using these breakbeat scientific instruments; this good word and the sound!

Changing the game / putting work in! we’re not the ones to blame if things don’t go down!

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