Friday, May 6, 2022

Changing The Game (Part Five)

 We’re putting it down on this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here; we’re changing the game!

Some will say the it's like Russia vs. Ukraine, the  circumstances are debatable;  being built or torn down? sometimes they’re the same!

Check the proverb, when one door closes and another one opens!  in the game we’re getting open so we can take the shot. 

Like it’s the NBA playoffs; layups / jump shots / dunks! are weapons of choice? the good word and funk is dropped…

…as we rebuke the  GOP / Supreme Court like ongoing scheme / plot! coming up with a way to change the game even peeping game per this Flashback Friday, sitting / reflecting on past episodes beneath a curious moon.

Hopefully finding lost whispers so I can be encouraged like the gospel song by William Becton! might even sing along / get in tune.. ..with this last lullaby, hopefully / God willing there'll be more, per the Kevin Samuels rumors check the score; but I’m not going to lie for some it’ll be hard to do.. ..with strange little demons chasing you, I’m sure due to the pandemic and other prevailing circumstances I’m not the only one going through!

How did we try to act? a safe haven / safe harbor is where we’re going to so we can regroup!

No information overloads as we do the math, formulating plans to change the game so we can recoup!

Public transportation / transformation takes place, now we’ll proceed and continue changing the game!

Caught up in an unpleasant situation but I moved on, naysayers say I’m changing; told them I refuse to accept the blame!

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