Wednesday, May 25, 2022

At The End Of The Day? It’s Gotta Be Good (Part Six)

 We’re trying to get over the hump, it’s business as usual per this HumpDay Extravaganza!

We’re putting work in / paying the price; “it ain’t nothing nice” but we’re still able to broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta! 

At the end of the day? it’s gotta be good understand a brotha? but it’s rough out here I understand another; still up in Kentucky after the Derby, that Kentucky whiskey filled grace had him chasing butterflies!

An old school Jerome type player from the Himalayas usually handcuffing or chasing leather / feathers and lace talking about it’s gotta be good but soon caught out there / victimized. Heard lies from baby girl, mesmerized!! then a drop of acid was slipped into his pint of whiskey. Charmed by the daughter of chaos still up in Louisville taking a loss! I’m glad she caught my arrogant / aloof vibe so she missed me!

At the end of the day? it’s easy to get played, but some opened the bottle for a whiskey mentioned by Gil Scott Heron. At the end of the day? no mercy or grace / real blessings; more like real stressing all up in this place! once again it's on!! It’s gotta be good! damn! some even tried to borrow some magic, but their credit was denied! No lullabies of eternity, just the boom of doom! as I read the room I see that peace is defied.  

Who’ll work with me? I told them at the end of the day it’s gotta be good!

Who’ll work with me? jokers tried to play me the other way! from here in Atlanta to Louisville / Newburg to all out in Oakland my constituents claim it’s gotta be hood!

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