Thursday, May 12, 2022

Changing The Game (Part Eight)

 Has it always been this way? reflecting on this Throwback Thursday, doing the mathematics!

Damn, here we go again! I see these bootleg / shade tree mechanics are still up to their same old antics! 

Supposedly changing the game but some of my constituents were acting frantic; the atmosphere? it was chilling but they survived the demonic ploy!

The episode was a game changer! it was a day they laughed through tears, out in the storm where it was reigning / raining heavy now they’re maintaining showing joy. But it’s rough out here danger is everywhere; convince me I’m okay they requested. Per Throwback Thursday was it a State Of Shock per the Jacksons / Mick Jagger? the ill episode? they’re still processing it.

They’re stressing it, the hustle knock was like the dagger from the The O’Jays type of Backstabber meanwhile we’re in the lab putting in this work bro!

The Lord is blessing it, on this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here we’re changing the game as we run these plays going for what we know!

Oh yes! we’re changing the game like Jrue Holliday with the lockdown defense on Marcus Smart last night; making championship plays. Oh yes! we’re changing the game going on our way! retro futuristic with it but I’m ricocheting sideways. To the left to the right; Back and Forth like Cameo, in response O-Zone was writing these tempestuous letters aka this poetry. O-Dizzle will drop the beat; so what’s up with this breakbeat scientific insight? we’re changing the game, tremendous clues left for those that know me.

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