Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Changing The Game (Part Four)

On this HumpDay where we're trying to set off the Extravaganza?  we're dealing with the smoke and mirrors / the fog / the clouds / drizzle out here in the Atlanta area where a storm passed through; but we know how storms do!

Getting over the hump after clearing the path or creating more obstacles? so what you going through? 

From here in Atlanta to Ukraine folk are trying to maintain, but I mentioned that it’s all game and these leagues will change the rules!!  fates were decided by the coin toss, but I'm not trying to go out like that!

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate; but its not too late to change the game up, so whatcha know about that?

O-Dizzle is rocking ya, either O-Dog Day Partying or Afternoon Jazzing part of the healing process for those that are spazzing! that's what the deal is as we go all out for this! paying the price, actually we overpaid...

Changing the game up on those playing us like Eric B and Rakim mentioned, sweating the technique! some of my folk are like James Brown mentioned, Bewildered! knowing the outlook is bleak! O-Dizzle told them you'll get played...

…especially those that strayed off the path! losing streaks await them! like the hip hop catch phrase it's like this and like that..

The devil will oppose per the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville where the Kentucky Derby is about to go down but we never stayed off the math plus funk is dropped, as we put it down like this and like that..

Next level business is proposed and manifested by O-Zone,  we're changing the game!!  once again it's on!! I know what the deal is, but it was still hectic!!  your homie isn't trying to get caught up,  the healing process is ongoing..

Next level business is proposed and manifested by O-Zone,  we're changing the game!!  once again it's on!! I know what the real is,  but your homie isn't trying to get caught up!! I'm just going for what I'm knowing!!

Per the healing process? we're dropping this good word in the zone plus that good music!!

Changing the game with  medicine for the soul!! jazzhop / funk and soul music!! you can use it, you'll see that it's conducive!!

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