Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Where’s The Duct Tape Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart. (Part Two)

 Bootleg and shade tree mechanics built an unsafe structure that’s ready to fall apart! 

What it do? we’ll need some duct tape or super glue to keep it together, somebody else said that we’ll need a new heart!

We’ll need to start over again, per this HumpDay Extravaganza O-Dizzle had a funky blend while O-Zone contributed this good word!

Alter egos / the dynamic duo molding this product like ceramics based on what occurred...

...out here where the lines are blurred, in the smoke and mirrors it was hard to build a rock solid foundation!

Solid as a rock like Ashford and Simpson? some are wishing it was a simple thing after they’re caught up in this and that situation!

Despondent due to the hustle knock? oh yes! we heard the whispers of yesterday! Like Rand Paul vs Dr Anthony Fauci levying ghosts were trafficking in negativity! What’s up y’all? even Ted Cruz types mentioned Ray Epps sounding like JR Ewing mentioning Ray Krebbs; they’ll steal the moonlight / steal the sunshine! What’s up y’all? as we cruise down I-20 in Atlanta we’re not acting brand new in this thing we’ll get it right, keeping positive thoughts in our minds.

It’s a rough job but somebody has to do it as the structure falls apart, check the structural damage!

Where’s the duct tape or super glue, so what it do? it’ll all fall apart taking innocent bystanders considered collateral damage!

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